Victor Toom

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter


Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main
Fachbereich Gesellschaftswissenschaften
Institut für Soziologie
Grüneburgplatz 1 / Gebäude PEG

60323 Frankfurt am Main

Raum: 3G 042
Tel: +49/69/798-36534



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I’ve been interested in forensic science from a “Science and Technology Studies” perspective. More specifically, I analyze forensic practices’ “material semiotics” and their enacted realities. My current social science research entitled “Accounting for genocide” documents the technoscientific and legal, or technolegal, aftermath of the 1995 Srebrenica massacre. It is hence that I’m interested in the forensic identification of Srebrenica genocide victims, the trials against those held legally responsible (e.g Karadzic, Mladic) at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, and the involvement of victims’ families in practices of identification and litigation. Before I started this 2-year project, I researched the disaster victim identification operation in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. I have received funding from the European Union’s Research Executive Agency (2016-2017), the British Leverhulme Trust (2012-2015), and Nuffield Foundation (2011). Prior to my position at Goethe University, I was a member of the Northumbria University Centre for Forensic Science in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK (2010-2015), a PhD candidate at the University of Amsterdam (2004-2010), and I held junior researcher positions at the Universities of Amsterdam (2003-2004) and Twente (2002-2003). I was a visiting scholar at the Institute for Public Knowledge, New York University (2012-2015) and the National University of Singapore (2011). In years past, I’ve lectured on a range of topics related to the ethical, legal and social implications of forensic science in general, and forensic DNA typing in particular. I’ve also commented on several issues relating to forensic science used in criminal investigations and disaster victim identification operations on Dutch national TV and radio as well as in newspapers. In 2010, I received a PhD in the Social Sciences from the University of Amsterdam; and I hold an M.A. in Science and Technology Studies (University of Amsterdam, 2000).

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Research Experience and previous employments

Jan 2016 – Jan 2019: Marie Curie Research Fellow, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main, Fachbereich Gesellschaftswissenschaften, Germany


Oct 2010 – Dec 2015: Research Associate, Northumbria University, Northumbria University Centre for Forensic Science (NUCFS), Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom


March 2004 – Sep 2010: PhD Candidate, University of Amsterdam, Department of Political Science, Amsterdam, Netherlands


May 2003 – Febr 2004: Junior Researcher, University of Amsterdam, Department of Political Science, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Jan 2002 – Apr 2003: Junior Researcher, Universiteit Twente, Department of Science, Technology and Policy Studies (STePS), Enschede, Netherlands


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Journal Publications (selection)

Toom, V. 2018. “Finding Closure, Continuing Bonds, and Codentification After the 9/11 Attacks.” Medical Anthropology: Cross Cultural Studies in Health and Illness 37(4):267–79.

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Victor Toom: Dragers van Waarheid. Twintig jaar forensisch DNA-onderzoek in Nederland [Carriers of truth. Twenty years of forensic DNA profiling in the Netherlands]. 07/2011; Kluwer Press.

Book Chapters

Victor Toom: Inquisitorial forensic DNA profiling in the Netherlands and the expansion of the forensic genetic body. Genetic Suspects. Global Governance of Forensic DNA Profiling and Databasing, Edited by Richard Hindmarsh, Barbara prainsack, 06/2010: chapter Inquisitorial forensic DNA profiling in the Netherlands and the expansion of the forensic genetic body: pages 175-196; Cambridge University Press.

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