Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) - Applications and Methodological Challenges

International Conference at Goethe-University , November 22-23, 2013

Welcome to Frankfurt and the conference on Qualitative Comparative Analysis - Applications and Methodological Challenges.

This event is jointly organized by Prof. Claudius Wagemann (University Frankfurt), Prof. Betina Hollstein (University of Hamburg), and Dr. Jörg Raab (Tilburg University). It follows up on a previous event, organized in Hamburg in 2012.

The conference this year will include three panels on cutting-edge topics in set-theoretic research, a round table discussion focusing on future developments in QCA-based research, a poster session, and two panels on more or less far developed QCAs. On the following pages you will find further information on the conference and your stay at Frankfurt.

Last day to propose a paper: August 1st, 2013 (read Call for Papers here)

Last day to register: November 1st, 2013

If you want to register for the conference, please send an e-mail to the local organizer Jonas Buche (e-mail: buche@soz.uni-frankfurt.de).


1. QCA and Large N

2. QCA and Mixed Methods

3. QCA and Methodological Challenges

4. Poster Session

5. QCA in the Making

6. QCA Applied

Prior to the conference, on November 20 and 21, an Introductory Workshop to QCA by Jonas Buche and Markus Siewert is offered.

If you have any questions regarding the conference or the workshop, please contact Jonas Buche (e-mail: buche@soz.uni-frankfurt.de).