Pilar Goñalons-Pons, Ph.D

Gonalons pons

Research Fellow

Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main
Department for Social Sciences
Institute for Sociology

Campus Westend - PEG Gebäude
Hauspostfach 15
Theodor-W.-Adorno-Platz 6
60323 Frankfurt am Main

Office: PEG 1.G063
Phone: (069) 798-36713
E-mail: pgonalons[at]soz.uni-frankfurt.de

Researcher for the Project CORRODE 

Personal website: www.pilargonalons.com

Vita | Publications and Presentations


Pilar Goñalons-Pons is a postdoctoral researcher in the Institute for Sociology at Goethe University. Her primary areas of research include social stratification, family, gender and international migration. Pilar completed her Ph.D. in Sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, her dissertation examined how the commodification of care and housework services affects gender and class inequalities in paid and unpaid work. Her current research focuses on the link between unemployment and social stratification (CORRODE project) and the relationship between changes in women's economic status and social inequality.

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Publications and Presentations

Journal articles

  • Schwartz, Christine R. and Pilar Gonalons-Pons. Forthcoming. “Trends in Relative Earnings and Marital Dissolution: Are Wives Who Outearn Their Husbands Still More Likely to Divorce?” RSF: the Russell Sage Journal of the Social Sciences.
  • Goñalons-Pons, Pilar (2015) “Gender and Class Housework Inequalities in the Era of Outsourcing.” Social Science Research 52: 208-218.
  • Torosyan, Karine, Ted Gerber, Pilar Goñalons-Pons. In press. “Migration, Household Tasks, and Gender Relations in Georgia.” International Migration Review.

Manuscripts under review or in preparation

  • Gonalons-Pons, Pilar and Christine Schwartz. Under Review. “The growing economic resemblance of spouses: changes in assortative mating or the division of labor in marriage?” CDE Working Paper 2015-02. Revise and Resubmit from Demography.
  • Gonalons-Pons, Pilar. Under Review. “Servants of Gender Equality. The Politics of Domestic Workers’ Labor Rights in Spain 1978-2011”
  • Gonalons-Pons, Pilar and Markus Gangl. In progress. “Unemployment Scarring in the Great Recession.”
  • Musick, Kelly, Pilar Gonalons-Pons, Christine R. Schwartz and Lauren P. Griffin. In progress. “Trends in Couples’ Work Patterns after Childbirth and Implications for Inequality: Evidence from the SIPP and SSB.”

Other publications

  • Goñalons-Pons, Pilar (Forthcoming) “Reclaiming Domesticity. Why Professional Women Hire Domestic Workers in Spain” in Anna Triandafyllidou and Sabrina Marchetti (Eds.) Paying for Care: The Employers’ Perspective. Aldershot: Ashgate.
  • Goñalons-Pons, Pilar and Myra Marx Ferree (2014) “Practicing Intersectionality in Spain” Quaderns de Psicología, 16(1): 85-95.
  • Goñalons-Pons, Pilar (2014) “The global mobilization of domestic workers” in Aguilar, S. Social Conflict Yearbook 2013. Barcelona: Universitat de Barcelona.
  • Goñalons-Pons, Pilar (2013) “The US War on Women: Fighting Back the Anti-Feminist Backlash” in Aguilar, S. Social Conflict Yearbook 2012. Barcelona: Universitat de Barcelona. 
  • Goñalons-Pons, Pilar (2007) “Transnationalism and Citizenship without Borders? The role of the Political Opportunity Structure in Spain” in Transitions and Transformations, edited by C. H. Firth and A. Ibarrola-Armendariz. Bilbao: Universidad de Deusto.

Presentations and invited talks (selected)

  • 2014    Goñalons-Pons, Pilar “The care economy and complex inequalities” Social Politics 20th anniversary: Revisioning Gender. Stockholm, Sweden.
  • 2014  Goñalons-Pons, Pilar and Christine Schwartz “The growing economic resemblance of spouses: changes in assortative mating or the division of labor in marriage?” Population Association of America. Boston, United States.
  • 2013  Goñalons-Pons, Pilar “Does Outsourcing Increase Housework Family Inequality? Hiring Domestic Work in Spain.” American Sociological Association. New York, United States.
  • 2012    Goñalons-Pons, Pilar “Migrants at the Service of Gender Equality. Framing the resurgence of paid domestic workers.” American Sociological Association. Denver, United States.
  • 2011    Goñalons-Pons, Pilar “Gendered barriers at exits of unemployment. The Gender Gap in Unemployment Duration in Spain.” Population Association of America. Washington, United States.

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