24.10.2022 14:50

Talk by Markus Rudolfi on 1st November 2022 about "Critical descriptions in nature conservation"

We are inviting you to join the talk by Markus Rudolfi on 1st November 2022 at 4pm at the "AK Kritische Soziologie" about "Critical descriptions in nature conservation", which takes place online via ZOOM. Please register for the event on OLAT: https://olat-ce.server.uni-frankfurt.de/olat/auth/RepositoryEntry/16301391877?1

What role do descriptions have in the context of nature conservation? Rather than looking at descriptions as 'mere' representations of a phenomenon, certain descriptions have performative power and functions. Following Anna L. Tsing's “Call for Critical Description" (2013) this talk engages with the kind of description produced in interdisciplinary encounters between social scientists and natural scientists; encounters which express a common concern and curiosity for social life beyond the human. It also deals with those descriptions which already exist in and shape the happenings of the field.
The talk combines Tsing's approach with a broader introduction to a PhD thesis about a transboundary protected area along the former Iron Curtain borderland. It gives an insight into the thesis' current state, the case developments, and empirically grounded questions. Through close readings of field material, the concept of critical description will be further explored and discussed.