Kitchen STS

Science and Technology Studies (STS) has been an important source of inspiration for many scholars at the Goethe University, but so far there have been hardly any opportunities to meet and discuss what it is that sociologists, social anthropologists, human geographers, historians of science and others find so inspiring about this heterogeneous field, and how they relate to it in their own works. This is why we – Susanne Bauer, Endre Dányi and Tino Plümecke – decided to set up a discussion group dedicated to STS. 

The discussion group is called Frankfurt kitchen STS. The name has (at least) four components. First, it refers to the location of our meetings: the kitchen area of the Sociology Department at the Goethe University (PEG 3G 202). Second, it alludes to the famous Frankfurt Kitchen: a political technology that serves as a constant reminder that in design oppression and liberation are hardly ever separable from each other. Third, it’s an ironic comment on our methodological commitments. Like the main character of Kitchen Stories, many of us work ethnographically. What we do is not rocket science. In fact, we show that not even rocket science is rocket science. Fourth, we often philosophise, but we’re not philosophers. We engage in ‘kitchen philosophy’: serious thinking that doesn’t insist on taking itself (too) seriously.

If you are interested in attending, please send us a short email with your name, affiliation and research interests. Our blog is available here: There's also an email list you can subscribe to - more information is available here: