Vorträge/Guest lectures (2011-2016)

Guasti, P. (2016). Democracy, Rule of Law and Media in Central and Eastern Europe
13th Frankfurt Days on Media Law 2016 Panel Media Diversity in eastern and South-eastern Europe,  Frankfurt (Oder) 27.1.2016.

Guasti, P. (2015). Efficacy of European Court of Human Rights. Melikian Center for Russian, Eurasian and East European Studies. Arizona State University, Phoenix, 10.4.2016.

Guasti, P. (2014). Between the past and the future: Assessing the quality of democracy and rule of law in central and eastern Europe. International Conference Opening Remarks “Legacy of Totalitarianism Today. Prague, 12.6.2014.

Guasti, P. (2012). What does Central European Civil Society contribute to the European Civil Society?. Soochow University, Department of Sociology, Taipei, Taiwan, 18. 4. 2012.

Guasti, P. (2012) The Politics of Inclusion:  Comparing the Contribution of Civil Society Actors to EU Legitimacy. Soochow University, Department of Political Science, Taipei, Taiwan, 19. 4. 2012.

Guasti, P. (2011). Rule of Law and Informal Institutions: Central Europe and Latin America in Comparative Perspective, Euro-Indian Alumni Week, Universität Würzburg,  6. 7 2011.

Guasti, P. (2011). „Parliaments and Interest Representation: The Case of Czech Republic“. Presentation at Institute of Sociology, Bulgarian Academy of Science, Sofia, 27.9.2011



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