• 2017: invited talk "Human-God, Homo Deus - Extension and Transformation of Humanity", exhibition BIG LIGHT (Federico Díaz), House of Art Brno, with Jana Horáková, Czech Republic.
  • 2016: invited lecture, Research, Community, Art with Kateřina Šedá; Faculty of Fine Arts, BUT, Czech Republic
  • 2015: invited lecture, Biotechnologies and Visuality in ‘Teaching Visual Culture: Methodologies, Challenges, Perspectives’, CEU, Budapest, Centre for Advanced Studies, international workshop, Hungary.
  • 2014: keynote lecture, Biotechnologies and BioArt case - Posthuman, Gender, Race_Encounters and intersections, TRAIMEGS programme: ‘Transnational and Intersectional Methodologies in Gender Studies’, University of Riga, Lithuania.
  • 2014: invited lecture, Images, BioArt, Reproduction and Medicine, Faculty of Arts (New Media Workshop), Masaryk University, Czech Republic.