Publications of Dr. Rikki J. Dean

Journal articles

Dean, R.J., Boswell, J. & G. Smith. 2019. Designing Democratic Innovations as Deliberative Systems: The Ambitious Case of NHS Citizen. Political Studies, OnlineFirst.

Dean, R.J., Rinne, J.R. & B. Geissel. 2019. Systematizing Democratic Systems Approaches: Seven Conceptual Building Blocks. Democratic Theory 6 (2).

Dean, R.J., Gagnon, J.P. & H. Asenbaum. 2019. What Is Democratic Theory? Democratic Theory 6 (2).

Dean, R.J. 2019. Control or Influence? Conflict or Solidarity? Understanding Diversity in Preferences for Public Participation in Social Policy Decision-Making, Social Policy & Administration, 53 (1).

Richardson, L., Durose, C. & Dean, R.J. 2019. Why Decentralize Decision Making? English Local Actors’ Viewpoints, Governance, 32 (1).

Dean, R.J. 2018. Counter-Governance: Citizen Participation Beyond Collaboration, Politics and Governance, 6 (1)

Dean, R.J. 2017. Beyond Radicalism and Resignation: The Competing Logics for Public Participation in Policy DecisionsPolicy & Politics, 45 (2)
* Received the 2018 Bleddyn Davies Prize for Best Early Career Paper


Book Chapters

Dean, R.J. 2019. ‘Democratic Innovation in Social Policy’ in O. Escobar and S. Elstub (eds.), Handbook of Democratic Innovation and Governance, Edward Elgar.

Dean R.J. & Wallace, M.W. 2018. ‘New Labour and Adolescent Disadvantage: A Retrospective’, Social Policy Review 30.


Special Issues Edited

What is Democratic Theory? A special issue of Democratic Theory. Volume 6, Issue 2
Edited by Jean-Paul Gagnon, Rikki Dean & Hans Asenbaum.


PhD Thesis

Dean R.J. 2017. Democratising Bureaucracy: The Many Meanings of Public Participation in Social Policy and How to Harness Them. PhD Thesis. London School of Economics.
* Received the LSE’s Richard Titmuss Prize for Outstanding Scholarship


Research-related blog posts

NHS Citizen and what it tells us about designing democratic innovations as deliberative systems. LSE British Politics and Policy Blog and Democratic Audit, 6 November 2019.

There is more than One Way to Involve the Public in Policy Decisions. Discover Society and Policy & Politics Blog, 1 June 2016.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the EU Referendum (sort of). LSE British Politics and Policy Blog and Harvard Ash Center Blog, 22 June 2016

Democracy Matters, but How? OxPol Blog and openDemocracy, 15 April 2016

Designing the NHS Citizens Assembly. NHS Citizen Blog, 9 June 2014.

Reflections on the NHS Citizen Process. NHS Citizen Blog, 29 October 2013.

There Should Be Greater Public Involvement in Deciding What Is a Legitimate Nudge. LSE British Politics and Policy Blog and Democratic Audit, 6 June 2013.

Using Family Breakdown and Addiction as Indicators of Child Poverty is Profoundly Mistaken. LSE British Politics and Policy Blog, 4 April 2013.


Book reviews

Dean, R.J. 2017. Review of: All Our Welfare: Towards Participatory Social Policy by Peter Beresford. Ethics and Social Welfare, 11 (4): 416-421



Ein neuer Blick auf Partizipation, Goethe Universität UniReport, Nr 4, (5 Juli 2018): 10