Institute of Sociology

The Institute of Sociology at Goethe University Frankfurt numbers amongst the most important worldwide and is today also the second largest of its kind in Germany.

Sociology in Frankfurt was founded in 1919 and has been known worldwide since the 1920s through the "Frankfurter Schule". It was the centre of the 1968 Revolution and today builds on its strong tradition and international location, reinventing itself for the 21st century.

Over 20 professors and more than 60 research associates work together in seven Research Units. Priorities include sociological theory, empirical social research methods, social stratification, social inequality, social policy, education, microsociology, culture, gender research, migration, diversity, economics, work and organization, knowledge, technology and environment.

The Institute of Sociology networks with other intramural and extramural players. It works closely with the Institute of Political Science, the Department of Human Geography at the Faculty of Geosciences and Geography, the Sigmund Freud Institute, the Institute for Social Research, the Cornelia Goethe Center for Women's and Gender Studies, the Institute for Economics, Work, and Culture, (IWAK – Institut für Wirtschaft, Arbeit und Kultur) the Center for Leadership and Behavior in Organizations (CLBO) and the IDeA Center (Individual Development and Adaptive Education of Children at Risk) as well as the Institute For Social-Ecological Research (ISOE – Institut für sozial-ökologische Forschung).

The sociology studies at the Goethe University of Frankfurt are guided by the idea of communicating social science thinking and research in its breadth both on the basis of theoretical considerations and empirical studies. Students of sociology in Frankfurt are to be enabled to understand, analyse and explain complex social problems from different perspectives.

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Institute of Sociology
Faculty of Social Sciences
Goethe University Frankfurt
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Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Sutterlüty

Arne Laloi


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