Politics of Competing International Order(s)

Research Questions | Goals: A common research interest of the three chairs involved in this research platform is the investigation of questions of global order(s) from different regional and historical perspectives as well as in different issue areas. Although the increasing significance of non-state actors in global political processes can hardly be denied, state-centric foreign policy remains a key reference point for political action. Traditional “great powers" such as the US, “emerging powers" such as China as well as self-described “shaping powers" (“Gestaltungsmächte") like Germany all feature distinct power assets, historical legacies and politico-cultural roots and ambitions, which each influence their respective conceptions of regional and global order(s). In both empirical and theoretical ways, the three chairs' research examines how such different features translate into specific inter-state interactions and also create institutional designs for problem solving. Particular emphasis is put on fundamental questions of foreign policy formation, on more context-specific practices of foreign and security policies, on status ambitions and status conflicts as well as on the continuity and change of hegemonic orders.

Participating Professors:
Gunther Hellmann, Heike Holbig, Reinhard Wolf

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Executive Director:
Prof. Dr. Andreas Nölke

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