ProtoSociology Published Vols.

An International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research


ProtoSociology Vol. 35 2018

Joint Commitments Critical Essays on the Philosophy of Sociality of Margaret Gilbert with Her Comments

ProtoSociology Vol. 36 2019

Senses of Self Approaches to Pre-Reflective Self-Awareness
Edited by Marc Borner, Manfred Frank, and Kenneth Williford

Published Vols.

Vol. 34 2017
Meaning and Publicity
Edited by Richard Manning

Vol. 33 2016
Borders of Global Theory
Reflections from Within and Without
Edited by Barrie Axford

Vol. 32/2015

Unmaking Modern Japan
Edited by Ritu Vij

Vol. 31/2014
Language and Value
Edited by Yi Jiang and Ernie Lepore

Vol. 30/2013
Contemporary and Historical Perspectives

Vol. 29/2012
China's Modernization II

Vol. 28/2011
Chinas Modernization I

Vol. 27/2010
Modernization in Time of Globalization II

Vol. 26/2009
Modernization in Time of Globalization I

Vol. 25/2008:
Philosophy of Mathematics
Set Theory, Measuring Theories, and Nominalism
Book publication
Ontos Publisher

Vol. 24/2007:
Shmuel N Eisenstadt. Multiple Modernities
A Paradigma of Cultural and Social Evolutions

Vol. 23/2006:
Facts, Slingshots and Anti-Representationalism
On Stephen Neale‘s Facing Facts. Edited by G. Preyer and G. Peter

Vol. 22/2006:
Compositionality, Concepts and Representations
New Problems in Cognitive Science  II

Vol. 21/2005:
Compositionality, Concepts and Representations
New Problems in Cognitive Science I

Vol. 20/2004:
World-Systems Analyses
Contemporary Directions and Research
Edited by R. E. Lee and G. Preyer

Vol. 18,19/2003:
Philosophy of Sociality
Edited by R. Tuomela, G. Preyer, G. Peter (double Vol.)

Vol. 17/2002:
Semantic Theory and Reported Speech

Vol. 16/2002:
Understanding the Social
New Perspectives from Epistemology

Vol. 15/2001:
On a Sociology of Borderlines
Social Process in Time of Globalization
Edited by G. Preyer and M. Bös

Vol. 14/2000:
Folk Psychology, Mental Concepts and the Ascription of Attitudes
On Contemporary Philosophy of Mind

Vol. 13/1999:
Reasoning and Argumentation
Edited by D. Mans, G. Preyer

Vol. 12/1998:
After the Received View
Developments in the Theory of Science
Edited by G. Preyer, G. Peter, A. Ulfig

Vol. 11/1998:
Cognitive Semantics II
Externalism in Debate

Vol. 10/1997:
Cognitive Semantics I
Conceptions of Meaning

Vol. 8,9/1996:
Rationality II, III (double Vol.)

Vol. 7/1995:
Strukturelle Evolution

Vol. 6/1994:
Rationalität I

Vol. 5/1993:
Lebenswelt und System II

Vol. 4/1993:
Sprechakttheorie II

Vol. 3/1992:
Lebenswelt und System I

Vol. 2/1992:
Sprechakttheorie I

Vol.  1/1991:
Problemebenen, Foki und Rekonstruktionen

ProtoSociology Vol. 2 – 4  und 6 sind als Bücher erschienen:

Protosociology im Kontext
Lebenwelt und System in 'Philosophie' und 'Soziologie'
Hrsg. von G. Preyer, G. Peter, A. Ulfig
Königshausen und Neumann, Würzburg
Verlag Humantities-Online, Frankfurt am Main

Intention, Bedeutung, Kommunikation
Kognitive und handlungstheoretische Grundlagen der Sprachtheorie
Hrsg. von G. Preyer, M. Ulkan, A. Ulfig
Westdeutscher Verlag, Opladen
Verlag Humantities-Online, Frankfurt am Main

Gerhard Preyer, Georg Peter eds.
The Contextualization of Rationality
Problems, Concepts and Theories of Rationality
Perspektiven der Analytischen Philosophy Neue Folge, hrsg. von Georg Meggle und Julian Nida-Rümelin

Prof. Dr. phil. habil. Gerhard Preyer
Professor für Soziologie
Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main
D-60054 Frankfurt am Main


Prof. apl. Dr. phil. Gerhard Preyer

Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main
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